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Located on NYS Route 22, Willsborough Bowling Center was built in 1950 which offered ten pin bowling on six lanes for the residents of Willsboro, New York.  The center initially did not have any automatic pinsetters, and employed "pin boys" to reset the pins and return the bowling balls to the players.


The center installed a semi-automatic pinsetting machine in 1956.  With increasing demand from the residents for bowling, the center added two lanes, six Brunswick A automatic pinsetters, Brunswick Gold Crown masking units, and ball returns were installed in 1960.  "Pin boys" were still used on the two expanded lanes (lane 7 and 8) until the last two Brunswick A-2 automatic pinsetters were installed in 1973.  The prior six Brunswick A automatic pinsetters were converted to Brunswick A-2's in 1973.


From the 1960's thru the 1990's, the center enjoyed two shifts per night of men's/women's/mixed bowling leagues six days a week, and one day for open bowling.  The center had a snack bar, an arcade, and served homemade ice cream.


The center closed in the early 2000's hoping for a new owner to take over.  The center sat idle for close to three years until Dale and Doug Ferris bought the center and adjacent building in 2006.  The Ferris' started renovations and improvements to both buildings immediately.  The Brunswick A-2 pinsetters were completely repaired and put through a maintanence program.  A new front facade, Brunwick AS-90 automated scoring system, new HVAC system with forced air heating (replacing the leaking modine heaters) and air conditioning for year round comfort, lane conditioning machine, insulating and covering the interior lane cinder block walls, widening the approaches, vending machines, bar area, liquor and lottery license, and cosmic lighting was installed in the coming years.  In 2010 the lanes and approaches were completely resurfaced, and receive an annual screening and recoating every August.  The Ferris' continue to improve the center year by year.

WBC is Essex, Lewis, Elizabethtown, Westport, Keeseville, and AuSable Fork's nearest Bowling Center 


In June/July 2014, WBC replaced it's automatic scoring system from a Brunswick AS-90 system to a Steltronic system.


April 2015, WBC upgraded our ball polisher from a DBA Ballmaster to a ZOT Gloss Boss.


June 2015, WBC upgraded our masking units from Brunswick Gold Crowns to changeable pannels.

August 2018 replaced A/C system.

August 2019, upgraded all lanes to Brunswick Bankshot Gutters & Bumpers.

April 2023, acquired Kegel Kustodian ION lane machine.

May 2023, raised floor to be level with approaches.


NYS Liquor and Lottery Licensed.


Wheelchair accessible.


Wifi available.


Dale Ferris manages and runs the center. 


Please contact the Center to book a party, group function, or event.  As well, contact us to start up a league, or for available leagues to join.

Willsborough Bowling Center is a NYSBPA and BPAA Member.

WBC Grand Opening 1950 Essex County Repu
Advertisement from the Essex County Republican Newspaper Sept 1950

Front facade of Willsborough Bowling/Business Center

Updated masking units and scoring under glow lights.

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