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Mickey's 10 Pin Pro Shop

WBC is currently in the process of getting a Pro Shop on location.  We can order bowling shoes, bowling balls, bowling bags, and accessories from our distributors.  We are in the process of getting a bowling ball drill press, resurfacing equipment, finger tips, or thumb slugs.

Here is the Pro Shop's Price List:

























If you want to get your own bowling ball, here are points to make your pro shop aware:

1.  How often are you going to bowl?

     Are you playing just for open bowling, playing in a league, looking to go in a league, or all the above.

2.  Are you looking to bowl straight, finger tip, or two handed?

     Finger tip bowling is what makes the ball hook/curve, and is less strain on your hand/wrist.

3.  Do your fingers and thumb swell/shrink?

     Pro shops have interchangeable thumb slugs; so you do not have to use any bowlers tape.

4.  What weight should the bowling ball be?

     You should bowl with the heaviest ball you are able to handle (Max 16 lbs).  Any thing less than 12 lbs will usually bounce off

     the pins.  A heavier ball with go through the pins 


5.  Lane surface?

     Where will you be doing most of your bowling?  On wood or synthetic lanes or both?

All of these points and factors assist the pro shop and you to select the best ball and fit for you.

During the winter months it is not recommended to leave your bowling ball on a concrete floor or on a floor that has inground heating.  As well, don't leave it in your car when it's extremely cold.  Your bowling ball may crack.  If your bowling ball is left in the cold, we highly recommend to arrive early at the Bowling Center to get your bowling ball to room temperature.  Bowling with an below freezing bowling ball may cause it to crack as well.  If you are going to leave your ball at home in an area that has humidity like a garage or basement; we recommend to keep it off the floor, and wrap it in a towel to avoid moisture.

Here are 3 videos that explain bowling ball selection with the pro shop further:

Mickeys Ten Pin Pro Shop Prices-page-001.jpg

Current Hours:
The 1st and 3rd Wednesday every Month at 6 pm.

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